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Wed, Jun 10, 2020 1:33 PM


Android Phone on 2.4ghz Band 99% of the Time

For some reason, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is continually directed towards the 2.4ghz band of my network. It doesn't matter if I'm standing directly under one of my AP's. It's maddening. I'm running the latest (just released) version of Unleashed on 2 - R510's (one in the center of each floor). If I restart my device it will connect back to the 5ghz band for a time (usually 30 mins). My guess is that as I walk around my house (or outside) it switches to 2.4ghz but is unable to go back to 5ghz for some bizarre reason. 


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5 months ago

Hi Ryan,

Band selection is a client decision, however, you can modify few settings and push client to prefer 5G radio over 2.4 G.

Band steering and Band balancing are two available option.

These two features are covered well in below article (though it refers ZD but feature works similarly for Unleashed)

If this issue is only happening with your Samsung Galaxy then try creating a dedicated SSID and broadcast it only in 5 G radio, but keep in mind that 5G radio will have a smaller coverage area then 2.4 G.

Syamantak Omer