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Tue, Dec 15, 2020 7:57 PM

Adding AP to VSz

I have an R510 with firmware connected to our VSz controller (VMWare) The VSz and all the other APs are version The new AP says 'Online' and has and IP address in the range of the others but has no traffic and channels are 'N/A'

I am guessing i need to change the firmware for it to connect correctly, how would i do that for a single AP?




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When standalone AP is adopted by vSZ, it upgrades firmware to vSZ version. If you still see standalone firmware, it is not upgraded for some reason. With standalone firmware it doesn't work with vSZ.

What firmware version you see on vSZ for this AP? 114?

Look on events (chose AP in AP winodw and look under AP window for Events tab -- does AP try to upgrade firmware? If yes, what are error messages?

How you connected AP to vSZ -manual provisioning or what?

Connect to AP through SSH and check it status with vSZ:  "get scg ip".

Than it will be more clear what happens.

Hope it helps,

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I did...looking for my notes.;) My issue was that the firmware on the R510 was too new - I forget what version but I had to downgrade the AP and then it connected ok. 

Had nothing to do with zones. 

I will keep looking, see if I can find the exact instructions


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From Ruckus support:

Attached - R510_104_0_0_0_1347_bl7 (my link isnt good anymore)

Hi Wes,

Thank you for creating a Service Request with the Ruckus wireless Services Team. My name is Karthikeyan Ramesh, and I have taken the ownership of assisting you further with this case.


As per the case description, I understand that AP is not updating the FW. 

I have attached the 104 stands alone FW of the AP kindly up upgrade the AP to the 104 version and then connect to the controller.



Karthikeyan Ramesh | Senior Technical Support Engineer COMMSCOPE