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Tue, Dec 15, 2020 7:57 PM

Adding AP to VSz

I have an R510 with firmware connected to our VSz controller (VMWare) The VSz and all the other APs are version The new AP says 'Online' and has and IP address in the range of the others but has no traffic and channels are 'N/A'

I am guessing i need to change the firmware for it to connect correctly, how would i do that for a single AP?




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When standalone AP is adopted by vSZ, it upgrades firmware to vSZ version. If you still see standalone firmware, it is not upgraded for some reason. With standalone firmware it doesn't work with vSZ.

What firmware version you see on vSZ for this AP? 114?

Look on events (chose AP in AP winodw and look under AP window for Events tab -- does AP try to upgrade firmware? If yes, what are error messages?

How you connected AP to vSZ -manual provisioning or what?

Connect to AP through SSH and check it status with vSZ:  "get scg ip".

Than it will be more clear what happens.

Hope it helps,

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Doesn't like my image I think. Third time isn't a charm, I'll just type it out.

SCG Information

SCG Service is enabled

AP ismanaged by SCG


Server List:

No SSH Tunnel exists

Failover list: Not found - Max retry 2

DHCP Opt43 Code: 6

Server List from DHCP: Not Found

SCG Default URL: RuckusController

Controller Cert Validation: Disable

AP FW is 114...1360 - VSz and other APs are 501

Looks like it should upgrade - appears in controller display

Events just repeat 'heartbeat lost' / 'disconnected' / 'connected' [after discovery']

Any ideas welcome - Thanks!


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if you're AP shows up in the default or staging zone (depending your vSZ model), it will not auto upgrade. You will need to move it to the proper domain/zone or zone in order for it to trigger an upgrade of the firmware

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Thanks for the response. I only have the default zone, all the other APs are in it...? Top line is errant AP

Thanks - WJ

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Can I just 'arbitrarily' add a new zone and drag the offending AP into it? What will decide what version the Zone firmware is?


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Hi, I've got exactly the same problem : my new AP is integrated in my AP Zone vSZ but the firmware don't auto-update and I cant use it.

My vSZ firmware is 5.1.2 and the firmware of the AP is 114.0.0. Have you fixed your problem wes_jones ?