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Wed, Aug 3, 2016 2:45 PM


Able to Set Priority of SSIDs to Have Dynamic Throttling?

APs: r600

Is it possible to prioritize SSIDs so that if any limitations are being reached (connections, bandwidth, etc), a specific SSID takes priority?

Would like to set our main corporate SSID with priority over the Guest access. I have thought about setting rate limits on the Guest, but at the same time, if the corporate traffic is low, I don't have a problem with guests getting higher speeds. But then if something on the corporate side needs to burst up (say a large internal file transfer from someone's laptop), it would take priority over the guest traffic.


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4 years ago

I think you'll be happy to know that the upcoming Unleashed release adds exactly the feature you're asking for. It's called WLAN Prioritization, all you have to do is edit the guest WLAN, and set the Priority to Low. 
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You get a 'Like' Jay, thanks!

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agreed - great news. Thanks!

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How does this priority work exactly? Surely by the rules of CSMA-CA the client that seizes the available media get the Tx op. Or is it just priority on the downlink, so AP buffers data and chooses which client to Tx to based on priority set? presume WMM setting override WLAN priority?