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Tue, May 26, 2015 7:14 AM

7962 Zoneflex Upgrade path conected to ZD110?

Hello, Is there a problem if we try to upgrade ZF7962 from 9.4.2 to 9.7 throuhg ZD110? We have upgraded 4 Zoneflex 7962 following the path: 9.42 - 9.5.1 - 9.6 - 9.7 without issues, but only one Zoneflex were tuned off and we will turn it on again. Thanks in advance!


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5 years ago

Hello Jorge,

   Only the ZoneDirector needs to follow strict upgrade path.  You can even disconnect all APs
while upgrading your ZD(s).  APs are designed to load whatever version the ZD has running,
with no problem going between vastly different versions.