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Thu, Jul 24, 2014 9:12 PM

7321 AP indoor ceiling bracket?


I am trying to figure out, buying a bracket for this, to screw onto a ceiling. Are their different types of brackets available?


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7 years ago


take a look here - mounting-bracket-guide

I Don't find anything for ZF7321. If you still fail, please check your regional Ruckus system engineer who can recommend.

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6 years ago

When i brought the AP's, the instructions said to use the screws that came with it (it looked like a week setup) or use a T-Bar. Whats a T-Bar?

I found out today its the metal cross-cross on the ceilings in lots of buildings, like ours!

Just use them, anywhere, twist, click, done! Easy. If only i knew that before.

Case closed