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Sat, Nov 23, 2019 2:14 AM

3 APS and one ZD

3 APS  on same network  with ZD.  Network configured,  APS  booted  up approved automatically but the  status  shows  disconnected .


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a year ago

I have  factory  reset all devices and the  same  result is achieved  , the  three APs  shows disconnected !!

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a year ago

Hi Hanif,

Can you give us the AP details about the Model and Software version on it?
On the ZD, click on the AP and check for the events.
What is the ZD software version?

Have you contacted our Support team on this?

Sanjay Kumar
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a year ago

Is there a Router and DHCP server on the network, all one subnet?

Can you connect a PC and get an IP address, that can ping your ZD IP ok?

Can your connected PC ping the APs (if you look up their MACs in your DHCP lease table)?

This will help troubleshoot.