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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 4:56 PM

VOIP DHCP Option 43 Not Working | 8090DUFI Code L3


I've got a VOIP phone, and option 43 converted over to hex.

I have verified that everything outside of the ICX is correct, because I can push the options to the phones from another vendor switch using the same hex string and a dhcp server locally on this vendors switch, as well as from another vendors firewall with DHCP, again using the same string.

I have ran pcaps and all the DHCP sequences look identitical, however the phone does not pull it's option from the hex string.



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2 months ago

It would be very tough to diagnose this over the forum. I would recommend opening a case and having our support group help troubleshoot the issue. Please see my signature for support contact information.

Phone: 855 782 5871


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2 months ago

Hi Corey,

This needs a troubleshooting session to identify the problem and a tac case would be appropriate. Pls create one at your earliest convenience.