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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 1:12 PM

Switch not getting configuration from SmartZone

We are using a SmartZone 100 to manage our APs and are now installing ICX 7650 switches to run multi-gig APs.  These are the first Ruckus switches we have and I am having issues with them getting the configuration from the SZ.

SZ is on version

Switch version is TNS08095a

I have setup switch groups and configured DNS, AAA and the management vlan and normal port vlans for the switches that are put in the group by switch registration rules, which works.

I can not figure out how to get the configuration applied to the switch when it connects to the SZ and is put in the group.  I have factory reset the switch and only put in the IP, gateway, and the manager active-list.  I get the "Welcome to SmartZone 100" message but then that's it.  The configuration from the SZ never gets applied, even after reboots.
I read that the group configuration will not be applied if there is a configuration on the switch, which is why I factory reset it. 

What needs to be done so the switches will get the configuration from the SZ without me going in and editing each and every vlan on all the groups after the switches have joined?  Is there a way to 'push' the configuration to the switch?


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