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Fri, May 15, 2020 2:54 PM


ICX7250-24 Firmware Update

I have the ICX7250P-24 with the below characteristics: Version 08.0.30hT211, SPS08030h.bin, spz10106.bin and i want to update it to the newest version. 
I have tried with several usb sticks, with TFTP server and with Web Gui but with no success.




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8 months ago

Hey Konstantinos, 

Since you are upgrading from an old version, you will need to jump to a middle code (8080f). We have also changed the format of our images in newer codestreams; we now use a UFI image. For you, it would look something like this:

While on 8030h the commands will be:

copy tftp flash boot
copy tftp flash

Example for 8030h > 8080f (assuming switch code and ICX7250)

copy tftp flash spz10114.bin boot
copy tftp flash SPS08080f.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8080f*

Once booted to 8080f:

wr mem (this is necessary to ensure your configuration is upgraded as syntax can change)

copy tftp flash

Example for 8080f > 8092b (assuming switch code and ICX7250 again)

copy tftp flash SPS08092bufi.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8092b*

Once you are on 8080f, you can upgrade to any 8090/8092 UFI image.

Let me know if that helps! You can always open a case and we can assist you as well. 

Support - 1-855-782-5871

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7 months ago

Don't we need to upgrade to spz10115.bin boot-code-image before upgrading to SPS08090dufi.bin OS-code-image?