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Thu, Dec 27, 2018 5:44 PM


ICX Auto Provisioning - Modifying the Manifest.txt file to allow different code versions for different switch models

We are working on setting up Auto Provisioning in our environment to speed up deployment time, but we will need to use different code versions for different switch models (7150 vs 7450, etc).

My thinking is that we can modify the manifest.txt file and specify the code versions that way. Has anyone done this? I'm not able to find much if any documentation on manifest file manipulation and early attempts to edit the file as needed haven't gotten the job done yet. 

I'm planning on using the 08070d manifest, as that will allow all three firmware 'packages' (boot, image, poe) to apply themselves without manual intervention. But we will need to use a version other than 08070d for some of our other ICX devices.

Any thoughts/ideas?


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2 years ago

I went with plan B and it's working so far. Created a second Auto Provision vlan/DHCP scope for devices that will need a different firmware version. That way I could specify a different bootfile on the 2nd DHCP scope. No manifest file manipulation needed, but that would still be the ideal way to go if someone has insight. 

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a year ago

I too am looking at having a set up like this. My idea was to set up different vlans/dhcp servers to push firmware on different switch models. How do you get the firmware and bootrom on the device in one go?