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Thu, Nov 29, 2018 7:39 PM

How to add a backup default route???

I have 2 layer 3 ICX6610 switches configured in a stack that is acting as our core switch for our enterprise.

We have primary (unreliable) internet connection which serves as our default route for all traffic.

We also have an MPLS connection to our datacenter which also has internet access through the datacenter.

Because our primary internet connection is so unreliable we would like a secondary default route to the MPLS in case the primary goes down.

I HAVE added a the secondary route with a higher admin cost to the MPLS. My question is whether this is the correct way of configuring a secondary backup route??? 




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3 y ago


In a static environment, yes this is the way to enter a backup route. You could introduce dynamic routing protocols to your environment, but that would require some design.

Be aware, static routes stay active if the next-hop is alive. So, if you have a border router or firewall that handles the internet connection. This route will stay active if the interface is up to the core. No matter what the internet connection is doing.


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3 y ago

You need to create an ip sla that will ping out of the relevant interface to whatever will fail to respond under a failure condition. Then you should create a track object to reference the ip slaand finally, your static route should reference it.

example here , ,

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3 y ago

What the OP described is how to do it with static routing.  You can also use BGP if the two providers support it making certain to do prefix filtering.

Another option is to do VRRP between this and another device if you have two physical gateways and you want one to preempt the other.  The advantage with this is you can track a port and when it goes down change the VRRP priority for the VRID.  You probably want to track a GRE tunnel or something.

What you described for a static route makes sense.  Sometimes the easiest way is the best way, and this certainly is the easiest.

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