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Mon, Nov 12, 2018 2:57 PM


Firewall settings for ICX 7150

Assuming ICX with dhcp  ip behind Firewall, in order for ICX 7150 (ver 8.0.80ca) with sw registrar feature) to communicate with vSZ 5.0 controller, what protocol ports need to be allowed in firewall?  


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2 years ago

I believe it is https

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2 years ago

11443, 91, 443

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2 years ago

I was told they are using internal protocol over SSH/TELNET  to communicate.  That is why in early version, those protocol has to be enabled in configuration, but not in this new version.  No? 

1143, 91, 443 are they udp port#? TCP port#?



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2 years ago

Hi Sam,

You need to allow port 22 and 443. Please refer to vSZ admin guide page 134 for reference.