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Thu, Apr 19, 2018 7:35 PM


08.0.50 Or Newer Firmware For ICX 64XX Series

Are there plans to release any newer firmware versions on the ICX 64XX series?  We really need some of the features that are in 08.0.50 and newer, but it seems that Ruckus is only releasing these on the 7XXX series switches.




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3 years ago

8030 is the last code stream for all ICX6xxx and FCX/SX. 8030 is still being patched, but it is unlikely to have new features added.

Support - 1-855-782-5871

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3 years ago

Pre Ruckus Brocade announced end of future software development on the ICX6XXX lines with 8040 code, patches only and now 64XX and 6610's have had their EOL announced.