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Mon, May 13, 2019 5:03 PM


Stacking ICX-6450-48P and ICX-7450-48P. Any reason why this would not be possible?

I would like to stack some 6450s in with some 7450 stacks. Is there any reason why this would not be possible?


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2 years ago

... They are not compatible together in the same stack as far as I know.

They also run a completely different firmware with the 6450 running a family of up to 08.0.30.

The 7450 runs the latest code up to the 08.0.90 family.

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2 years ago

Hello Robert.

As NETWizz mentioned, they are not compatible for stacking, they are from different families.

We support a Mixed stacking, but that would be between ICX 6610 devices and ICX 6450 devices.

Please check the link below for further information: