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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 9:26 PM


ICX-7450 PoE always on option?

Recently moved over from a Juniper EX4300 series switch and the only feature I'm missing is the ability to keep PoE ports powered up during reboots. I have a number of PoE devices that I'd like to keep powered during reboots, AP's, NTP clocks, IoT devices and Raspberry Pi's etc. Not that I expect to reboot often once the initial config is done but it was handy on the Juniper from time to time. 




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a year ago

This is not currently an option. We enable POE by default on 8070+, but POE will flap upon reboot. You could put in an RFE (request for enhancement) with your account team and it could be considered for future releases/models.

Support - 1-855-782-5871