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Wed, May 6, 2020 11:59 PM


ICX 7150-C12P ports lights are off

So I have this switch installed at my house as a part of like many here, Lennar installed it. Well the problem I am seeing on it is that all the lights in the RJ45 ports where all my cable devices are connected are off. I already update the device to the last version I think, through the web console. The devices connected through wire seems to be working fine but it is strange that suddenly all those lights are off. Anyone have a clue? Really appreciate the help of all the experts in here. Thanks




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7 months ago

Is the switch powering up ? What is the state of each LED placed on the switch ? 


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7 months ago

Hi Gabriel! What software version is your ICX running? In 8.0.92 a command has been introduced to turn on or off all port LEDs. Try this in enable mode:
led default

Watch a short video explaining the use of this feature: