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Wed, Apr 3, 2019 1:23 AM

I need to activate the 10G ports of the switch "ICX7150-C12-2X10GR"

I have this 2x10GR template and it came with the "Current License: 2X1G". 

I applied the command "license install perpetual 1 2x10gr" and brought this message below with expiration in 45 days.
"The Ruckus FastIron End User License Agreement (EULA) terms and conditions found at apply to your use of this software.
The evaluation license period is 45 days after which you must purchase the license should you continue using the software. Please confirm that you have read and accept these terms and conditions (entry and or n): y
By selecting 'and' you have read and accepted the Ruckus End USER License Agreement at the following URL";

#show license
Unit License Name L3 Premium Port Speed ​​Upgrade Ports MACsec
1 2X10GR Yes Yes 10G 2 NA

The question is:
1. Was this model "ICX7150-C12-2X10GR" already to come with the ports enabled?
2. Or, do I need to buy this license to activate the 10G port?
3. If this model "ICX7150-C12-2X10GR" already has the license, without buying, how to activate the 10G ports definitively without expiring.

I need help


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2 years ago

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2 years ago

The command you entered is correct.

You can purchase a license from Ruckus for the device.  The license type is S/W,ICX7150 C12P 2X1G TO 2X10G L3 PREM, and it also includes L3 features: OSPF, VRRP, PIM, and PBR.

You go to and login.  Click on License Management.