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Tue, May 28, 2019 8:40 PM

Announcement: FastIron 08.0.90b is now Available on the Support Portal



     Our developers and QA have approved an important FastIron 08.0.90b release for all

ICX 7150, 7250, 7450, 7650, 7750, and 7850 switch models.  The firmware and Release

Notes have been posted, with updated FI 08.0.90(GA) guides. 

Ruckus FastIron 08.0.90b (GA) Software Release (.zip):


Ruckus FastIron 08.0.90b (GA) Release Notes (Applies to Ruckus ICX 7150, 7250, 7450, 7650, 7750, 7850)


Ruckus FastIron Software Upgrade Guide, 08.0.90


Ruckus FastIron Software Licensing Guide, 08.0.90


Ruckus FastIron Command Reference Guide, 08.0.90


Ruckus FastIron MIB Reference, 08.0.90


Ruckus FastIron Monitoring Configuration Guide, 08.0.90


Ruckus FastIron Security Configuration Guide, 08.0.90


   And be advised, as mentioned in the FI 08.0.90b Release Notes, that the 10G-SFPP-TX-A consumes
significantly more power than other 10G SFP+ tranceivers.  See KBA-9301 for further details/advice.



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