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Fri, Jul 12, 2019 9:00 PM

Announcement: Ansible Modules for ICX 7000 Model Switches


   Ruckus is pleased to provide ICX 7000 model switch support thru Ansible Modules 1.0,
now available on the Support Portal at these links for Install/Execute Release Notes, and
Software. We have integrated Ansible open-source agent-less IT automation into our latest
FastIron 08.0.91 (and later) firmware, with Ansible version 2.7.8. Users please feel free to
provide feedback/questions in our ICX Campus Switching Forums group.

Ansible Modules for ICX, v1.0 Release Notes: 

Ansible Modules for ICX: 

Ruckus ICX Campus Switches and General Switching Questions Forum:


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a year ago

Thanks, for the Ansible Modules! I have utilized and customized my playbooks to push vlans, upgrade images, build version reports, and much more.. We have close to 2000 6xxx and 7xxx here and so far the modules are working on all.


Thomas S. Lyle

Network Administrator