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Fri, Mar 26, 2021 2:12 PM

upgraded switch firmware with smartzone. in progress in some cases for days

We are using smartzone to upgrade the firmware on our ICZ7250,7150 switches. some complete without issue some say they fail put are really complete and some say they are "in progress" in some instances for days.  The switches are operation but arent updated.   Is there some way to break this cycle and finish upgrade?  Rebooting doesnt seem to help


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6 m ago

Hi Ken,

What is the SW version at present? Share the show ver output.

Its odd that process got stuck in-progress state. 

You my have to open a case with support.

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Well I have same problem. It is caused trough vSZ. On screen I can see "in progress" but nothing happening. 

So I upgraded latest FW over SSH on switch and it's fine. But on vSZ I can see that FW upgrade still in progress.
I assume that this is vSZ bug

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