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Sun, Jan 20, 2019 6:06 PM


Ruckus Cloudpath and Cloud WFi integration with Exabeam or SecureWorks for log forwarding

We are required to forward all logs to a cloud-based SIEM like Exabeam or SecureWorks from Ruckus CloudPath and CloudWifi.


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2 years ago

Alex, thanks! There is a feature in Cloud Wi-Fi today where, client logs can be sent to external syslog servers. the configuration is under advanced tab on a per SSID/Network level. This feature allows customers to retain client connectivity logs for longer periods based on regional compliance needs.

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a year ago

Sorry to bump an old topic, but where do the logs source from? Do they only source from the APs or both the APs and the controller? PCI Standards are requiring it from both APs and the controller.