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Wed, Jul 8, 2020 7:19 PM

Ruckus Cloud API Wispr Login


Does someone has a complete documentation on Ruckus Cloud External Captive Portal (Wispr) login? 

I found a document on internet and I'm trying do decrypt the user's Ip with an HTTP POST with the following data:
const options = {
method: 'POST',
uri: '',
json: {
"Vendor": "Ruckus",
"APIVersion": "1.0", "RequestUserName": "api",
"RequestPassword": "",
"RequestCategory": "GetConfig",
"RequestType": "DecryptIP",
"UE-IP": uip

When I do the request, I receive a 404 status code with this response:

KFM only

We are using this documentation but it is from 2018 (

Thanks! Best regards,


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5 months ago

We solved our doubt, for anyone with a similar question, essentially, the POST requests must be done to the url: "https://:443/portalintf", where is one of the parameters given during the redirect to the captive portal.

The example I have shown above is for decrypt the encrypted IP address (uip query parameter), but can also be used to decrypt the "client_mac", but it must be passed also as the "UE-IP" property in the JSON body.