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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 7:43 PM

Other Settings for R720 in Cloud Management?

I am setting up a couple R720 APs for a client that is using them for a Listen Everywhere assisted listening system.  The AP's are setup using the Cloud Wi-Fi system.  The system is having issues with audio dropouts.  The manufacturer is helping to troubleshoot and is asking about different settings which I do not see available in the cloud.  Some settings seem to be available in the CLI, but as I read that is disabled when connected to Cloud Wi-Fi.  Is this correct?  Is there access to more settings via the Cloud Wi-Fi other than what is easily accessed via the menus?  (Am I missing an advanced area?)  I'm looking for IGMP, QoS, WMM or other settings that might be causing issues or that could help alleviate the issues.

Thanks for the help.


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9 months ago

Hi Matt,

We don't show all the settings that we use as defaults on the Ruckus Cloud WiFi. I found you in our database. I will contact you offline to get the full list of the settings. that way I can tell you what the defaults are set to. If these are not the best settings for voice we could create a feature request to get them added to the Ruckus Cloud WiFi.



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9 months ago

Hi Matt,

Listen Everywhere uses mDNS to for device discovery, hence one of the settings which you should consider to play with is 'Directed MC/BC Threshold' under WLAN's advanced settings.

Set this value to '0'. When set to '0', this basically stops Ruckus APs to convert MB/BC to unicast for specific WLAN.

Apart from this, if the Listen Everywhere server and clients are connecting to two different VLANs/network, then you have to configure bonjour gateway, because mDNS is layer-2 protocol, which means it will be limited to single broadcast domain, until you configure a gateway (bonjour gateway) between source to destination VLANs.

There is an article as well for our vSZ solution which explains setting-up Listen Everywhere bonjour gateway, you may refer it for more details.

I hope this will solve your problem.

Syamantak Omer