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Wed, Mar 25, 2020 1:13 PM


Facebook check in (business localization)

My costumer has some R310 and R510, management by Ruckus Cloud, and I need config to when customers do facebook check in to use your Wi-Fi, their friends can discover your business.
ps.. the support team dont asnwer my question for almost 1 month!!


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7 months ago

Hello Ronaldo,

   I finally heard back from our Cloud Team Manager who says FB check-in is not supported now,
nor will it be supported in the Alto (SZ 5.2 based) Cloud Wi-Fi either.  We offer a FB Social Login
instead of FB Wi-Fi in which the captive portal is hosted by FB itself.  A feature request is being
submitted, but no ETA can be predicted at this time.  With best regards.

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7 months ago

I did a dozen or so ZoneDirectors with Facebook Wifi. That novelty wore off quick... The bars/restaurants all asked me to remove it in favor of sending the customer to their webpage.

Too many complaints and the bartenders got sick of being IT support.