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Wed, Mar 20, 2019 8:04 PM

Cloud Controller - Block Users

A customer wants to migrate from a physical controller based deployment to the Ruckus Cloud controller.  One deal breaker for this customer is the ability to simply block client devices.  This functionality is something that he has been using for years on his physical controller and wants to keep it.  Is this functionality going to be added to the Cloud Controller soon?  I am told that it exists in the underlying Smart Zone, but is just not visible in the cloud interface.


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2 years ago


That is exactly right - you understand the architecture well. You would like to get a publicly visible commitment to when we will solve this :-). I will remain tactful that this is indeed in our roadmap for this year. Rest assured, we are aware of the need and it is on our radar. 

We do recommend a better solution that you can deploy with Ruckus Cloud today, and get much more than client blocking. Cloudpath Secure Access solution is a fantastic solution for broad level client BYOD, security and management, and highly recommended. 

Cloud Product Management

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2 years ago

There is no explicit option to block client devices in Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi.
DPSK provides a way to have only allowed client devices on the network with a pre-determined list of MAC addresses.

Administrator can disconnect a connected/authorized client from the Ruckus Cloud Mobile app at this time.
For guest pass/social login, users can be disconnected from the guest passes tab in the interface.
DPSK users can be disconnected by deleting the user.