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Tue, Jun 29, 2021 3:31 PM

Ruckus networking - Controller / Access Points

I'm new to the Ruckus world, we have a client that would like us to purchase Ruckus Access Points for his house.  I've browsed Commscope's website to get a general idea what Access Points are offered for Indoor/Outdoor coverage and I've reached out to them so hopefully they get back to me sooner.

The client essentially told us he wants the best of the best for Access Points, so I've been looking at the R850's for Indoor coverage and still browsing for Outdoor coverage.  Anyone have any feedback on the R850's or any recommendations?

Also, is the Zone Director what controls the Access Points, like a Access Point Controller?  Again not too familiar with Ruckus and figured I'd ask the community.  Thank you! 

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