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Wed, Jul 18, 2018 7:41 AM

updating FWS firmware using TFTP

I have a Brocade FWS648G switch which I received as RMA. I have assigned an IP to switch and same range ip address to the PC.

I am able to ping or ssh to the switch. But from switch I am unable to ping to PC.

It gives Error : TFTP timeout, Error 5

Can you help me to find a way upload configuration/firmware to a new switch.


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2 years ago

You may have an ACL somewhere blocking ping if it works only one direction and replies come back but you cannot initiate it in the other direction.

TFTP timeout has nothing to do with PING.

What does show version and show flash return???



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2 years ago

It could be a firewall/security software on the PC as well. You could try temporarily disabling them.