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Thu, Sep 3, 2015 2:10 PM

R300-IL02 & 7372-IL00

I understand that the  IL02 & the IL00 stands for the destination code, to mark that there are some adjustments that had been made to the AP so it will be in accordance with the country regulations where the device is supposed to work.

Where can I find the specific data sheet for the 901-R300-IL02  &  901-7372-IL00 ? 




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5 years ago

Hi Mickey,

There is no specific datasheet for that model.

We have them as 901-R300-XXYY and 901-7372-XXYY.

The XX is the country for use, like IL for israel, WW for worldwide, US for USA.

You can find the datasheets itself on our site under products, indoor access points.

Kind regards