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Tue, Apr 5, 2016 3:28 AM

P300 Speeds vs distance

I have a customer who lives on an island and would like decent speeds.  I know the p300 is capable of handling the distance but what I'm unsure of is roughly the speed he will be getting. 
So, how does the isp provided speed relate to the p300 range?
If he pays for a 100mbps connection, theoretically,  would he receive 75 on the island side 4km away?
I'm having a  hard time finding this in the knowledge base.  Any help is appreciated.


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5 years ago


refer to -->

•Up to 500 Mbps
•Up to 250 Mbps at 2.6 km/1.6 mi
•Up to 100 Mbps at 8km/5mi*