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Mon, Nov 10, 2014 3:06 AM


Is the Ruckus 7982 appropriate for my use case?

I have a single level, open floor plan, ~4000 square feet office space in a building with many neighboring wireless networks. We currently use a Netgear R6250 but users are complaining of occasional disconnects. I'm thinking of purchasing a Ruckus 7982 and placing in center of office, and still keep out legacy AP around with the same ssid, but different channel. Is this a reasonable setup?


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6 years ago

The AP is great and I suggest you buy it, however I wouldn't recommend you keep other APs around. Try to replace them all at the same time.

But your network will work even if you don't have only Ruckus APs there.

Also maybe check out the new Xclaim APs.

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6 years ago

So, a single 7982 AP is good enough, correct? The very furthest a person's office to the AP would be about 50 feet - most users will be closer.



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6 years ago

Hi Edward,

As this is more a pre-sales question I would suggest to contact the partner from which you going to buy the unit.

They can advise you units performance, and if needed might be able to do a site survey for you.

Kind Regards
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6 years ago

Depending on the environment, 50-100' is very reasonable for a 7982 AP coverage. And best not to leave the legacy AP with the same SSID.