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Wed, Jul 30, 2014 4:43 AM

Data traffic between AP and Zonedirector

We found that the data usage is very high each month. From the log of our network, the most usage of the data is the traffic between the AP and the WLAN controller (AP send to Controller). Do you have any data that how many data send and receive between the AP and controller for heartbeat or data update when client join to the AP?? Or can you provide the about data traffic use for the AP and controller each day /month?? Thanks!


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6 years ago

Hello Wong,

Traffic between AP and ZD should not be much. I don't have stats for what you are looking at. Ruckus Folks would have for sure. My hunch is that you are tunnelling your WLAN traffic from AP to ZD that is why you are seeing high usage b/w ZD & AP.

See here on what i meant -

Path is ZD GUI -- configue TAB -- WLAN -- Edit - Advanced options.

Hope this helps.

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6 years ago

Thanks for your help.

We are not enable the tunneling at the WLAN controller. But we have 2 VPN tunnel between the AP and the Zonedirector. I am not sure the high data usage is due to the 2 IPsec VPN tunnel or the original traffic between AP and Zonedirector is high usage.