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Fri, Oct 16, 2015 1:28 PM

VF 7111 cant change IP address

When trying to change IP address of VF 7111 post say it was succesful but IP of the unit doesnt change. What can I do? 


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5 years ago

If you have a Ruckus AP, and not an OEM'd unit with customized configuration from an ISP,
you can try following these instructions I wrote a long time ago.

If you want the 7111 to be used as a CPE to a Ruckus AP
other than a 7811 metro

gateway AP, you can follow these setup steps.  Assuming you have a ZoneDirector

and 7962/7762 dual-band or 7363 802.11a/n capable access
points, you can configure

the 7111 to connect with a secure WPA/WPA2 with AES
pre-share key WLAN.


1.  Default IP of the
7111 is, so manually give your PC/Laptop a

(anything but .1 or .254).  Press the
indented Hard Reset button on

     a 7111 for 8
seconds, to reset it to factory defaults.


2.  Connect your
PC/Laptop to the 7111.  Ping to determine when it is up.


3.  Open a browser to , allow/confirm security


4.  Login with super / sp-admin credentials. 


5.  Go to
Administration::Management page, and Disable Link-Local Adapter  

     Management, and
Update Settings.  This will allow you to
set static IP or DHCP    

address.  Also disable Auto-Provisioning,
or your manual configuration

     will not take.


6.  Go to
Configuration::Device.  Specify whether
to use Dynamic IP (DHCP) or disable

     it, and set a
static IP address/netmask/default-gateway that matches the VLAN info

     of the ZoneDirector WLAN.  Use Update Settings to keep changes.


     [ If you set a
new static IP address, you need to re-address your Laptop, to continue

with https://;. ]


7.  Go to Configuration::Wireless
page.  Set your country code to United States
and click

Settings.  You’ll be told to reboot to
apply changes and we’ll do so later.

      Click the Video
WLAN tab, and enter a descriptive Wireless Network name.  Enter  

      the ZD’s WLAN
name as SSID, and click the Encryption Method dropdown to select

Match the WPA version and cipher algorithm, and enter the PSK defined on

      the ZD’s
WLAN.  Click Update Settings to keep


8.  Go to
Maintanence::Reboot/Reset page.  Click
Reboot Now button.  Wait for the bar

     that indicates
reboot status to complete, then reconnect after reboot.


9.  From
Status::Wireless, click the Video WLAN tab, and you should see status of Up.

     On your
ZoneDirector Monitor/Currently Active Clients, you should see the 7111 MAC.