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Wed, Oct 5, 2016 3:04 PM

How do I get stats for how many people have connected to our wifi in the last month?


How do I get the number of connections to my wifi in the last month?
I work at a library, and this is new to me.  But we need to keep track of how many connections we get in a month on our wifi. 

Is the CLient Association Activity the report I should be using for this?  When I run that, it only shows 773 connections from Sept 1-30. And looking back on the other stats collected prior to me, seems to be roughly 3000 connections short?

Thanks for any help!


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4 years ago

If using ZoneDirector controllers, the FlexMaster application can provide monthly reports.
If using SmartZone controllers, the SmartCell Insight (SCI) is the analytics application for reporting.