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Fri, Dec 2, 2016 10:04 PM

Announcement: FlexMaster (MR1) is now available on the Support portal

Ruckus is pleased to announce the release of FlexMaster (MR1), supporting ZD 9.13.0 (GA),

ZD 9.13.1 (MR1), ZD 9.13.2 (MR2) and 104.x Solo APs (+R510/R610). 

See the RNs for VM CPU/RAM/HDDrequirements for RedHat and CentOS environments.

You can share these links with yourcustomers who have been awaiting FlexMaster 9.13.1.


FlexMaster 9.13.1 (MR1) ReleaseNotes:


FlexMaster 9.13.1 (MR1) Software(full ISO):


FlexMaster 9.13.0 to (MR1)Patch:


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