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Sun, Jan 21, 2018 12:14 PM

Zoneflex 7321 setting

Hi, I have a Zoneflex 7321 which is supposed to act as a signal extender for my master bedroom - I have tick brick walls and the main signal does not get there.
It is wired into my hub downstairs and it was installed by my smart home integrator 3 years ago and all worked well until I had to change my ISP router (Virgin Media, in London).

At the moment I can see a single green dot on the Ruckus but it clearly does not pass through any signal (or not the right one - my virgin media hub is connected to a Netgear router that acts as main internet source for all devices and smart home controller).

If I try to log in into the IP written on the back of the Zoneflex (192,168.0.1), i get to the Virgin Media Super Hub 2ac GUI, not a Ruckus landing page.

Can anyone please help? I could live with no wifi in that room if it were for surfing and similar stuff, but i have a number of smart devices that do not work properly without it


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3 years ago

1) I managed to access the Ruckus UI at the different IP it uses on my network - I dont understand much in there, but is is an improvement
2) It works - i enabled one of the wireless channels and I can see and surf properly in the blind spot. However, it comes out as a separate ‘wireless’ connection, and not as an extension of my main home connection. This way the various devices that are paired to my home network are still dry

Any help?

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Not sure what you mean by "separate". Does it have the sane network name (SSID). The virgin media hub usually provides its own WIFI, so not 100% sure what the Netgear device is doing. The Ruckus AP would usually be connected to the Netgear box ... and have the same wireless settings at the netgear.