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Tue, Oct 15, 2019 12:51 PM

WISPr NBI API problem (Bad request)

We are using Ruckus Virtual Smartzone High Scale controller
We are trying to setup Hotspot WISPr with the custom Login portal and Radius Auth according to next docs:,vsz/page/GUID-AE85F41D-45AB-41EA-B803-1776A490A6B2-homepage.html

We have enabled "Northbound Portal Interface Support" with certain username/password (system-wide, no partner configuration).
Additionally we configured Hotspot (WISPr) at Services & Profiles -> Hotspot and Portals and Non-Proxy (AP Authentificator) with Radius settings.
WLAN was configured to use Authentification Options -> Hotspot (WISPr) and assigned to correct Hotspot portal.

After customer device connecting to AP it was successfully redirected to login page and we on our web-portal reeving all needed data for authorization process:

    [nbiIP] =>
    [loc] => xxx
    [client_mac] => ENCa13yy
    [reason] => Un-Auth-Captive
    [wlanName] => XX-Cloud-Wifi
    [dn] =>
    [ssid] => XX-Cloud-Wifi
    [mac] => xx:xx
    [url] =>
    [proxy] => 0
    [vlan] => 1
    [wlan] => 1
    [sip] =>
    [zoneName] => rxxxxx
    [apip] =>
    [sshTunnelStatus] => 1
    [uip] => ENC23xxx

At the next step we trying to call NBIs Rest-like/JSON API sending POST request of "Content-Type: application/json" with next data:

JSON request:

but no matter which parameters we changing we always receive "Bad request" response:

JSON response:
{"ResponseCode":302,"Vendor":"Ruckus","ReplyMessage":"Bad request"}

HTTP/HTTPS returning same error messages.

I can't find any accessible examples of implementing this schema in internet/Ruckus forums, Ruckus's own Knowledge Base article
looks outdated and last examples not accessible, for example:

Additionally I can't see Northbound Interface-related log files in Diagnostics -> Application Logs, there is no such section and  I checked all reasonable logs to find them, none found.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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1 y ago

Hi, I will answer my own question, so other people can see resolution:

1. Logs for Northbound interface errors currently located in Core/core-critical.log, and looks like:

2019-10-11 09:14:50,916 Core[nioEventLoopGroup-26-7] ERROR c.r.w.n.u.ValidationUtil - Vendor [Rukus] is not supported.
2019-10-11 09:14:50,917 Core[nioEventLoopGroup-26-7] WARN  c.r.w.n.h.NorthboundHandler - Validation failure, the content of request: {"UE-Username":"Fhjj","RequestPassword":"ghjj","UE-IP":"...

2. My mistake was using Vendor field different from 'ruckus'.
All other vendors was rejected with unpredictable "Bad request" response.

I would suggest Ruckus guys to extend their error messages with a bit more information, it should save somebodies time :).

Anyway, thanks everybody for looking in.

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10 d ago


Im having the same problem and I hope you can help me 

* the username and password for a northbound interface on the controller what are those? 

* the AP authentication with the Radius, are the JSON file configuration on the Radius server, the one you show above?

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1. you can create your own username/password pair for NBI.

2. I did not mentioned any Radius configuration file. I am using external Radius server which has its own configuration, important is that your WLAN controller is in clients list and WC can verify its own clients on Radius.