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Mon, Jan 30, 2017 4:35 AM


What products do i need for wifi iptv?

Hi...i am new to wireless networking and i want to provide iptv with wifi, but clueless to products options. Since i already have dvb c headend, i guess sources need not be considered. What ruckus products would be of help to provide iptv services wirelessly. H.264 codecs source to converted into ip signals (that i have no problem), coverage will be initially 2km square. Meshing preferred. Many thanks.


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4 years ago

A discussion with your local VAR or Ruckus System Engineer might be beneficial,
and share what type of IPtv products you intend to deploy.

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4 years ago

Thanks...i intend to deploy wireless products of which i heard that ruckus has it. I am not talking about in-home only, i want the whole network to be wireless except for limited uplinks.