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Thu, Aug 2, 2018 12:45 PM

vSZ - Configure new AP


I'm using vSZ and I've bought new AP R310 and R510.
How I can add them on vSZ ?



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3 years ago

Hello Roberto,
the easiest way is to connect to your APs and enter the vSZ IP address :
- In CLI : (login with username and password indicate on the stickers behind your AP)
enter : "set scg ip your_sz_ip_address"
then you can check the connection via "get scg"

- In HTTPS : (same login / password as above)
go in "Administration > Management"
Put "Set Controller Address (Reboot to take effect)" to enable.
Enter the vSZ IP address in "Primary Controller Addr:" field.
(same as CLI, you can ping the vSZ from "Administration > Diagnostics")

In both case, AP will reboot and you will find it in the "Staging Zone" of your vSZ.

If you have a lot of APs to do, it's better to redirect them via DHCP option 43. (your AP get autonatically vSZ IP when connecting)

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3 years ago

Thanks for support Martin, AP are not shipped yet.
When I have it (5 units), I will follow your CLI suggestion.