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Wed, Jul 6, 2016 1:53 PM

upgrade ZD3000 with some meshed AP's - Any special considerations?

HI All, im scheduled to upgrade a ZD3000 tomorrow evening. I have done all my due diligence regards upgrade path etc but the only question i have left is if i need to make any special consideration for Mesh AP's? Will the just upgrade their firmware when they reconnect like any other AP? i appreciate that for mesh AP's that are up to 3 hops to root node, they will not connect until the 1 hop and 2 hop AP's are back on line etc.

Any advice appreciated


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5 years ago

With any upgrade, the advice is start by saving a ZD backup file and add digits to identify the version you saved it from.

Then, check the Release Notes for the version you intend to upgrade to, and confirm that all models of AP you have are
supported, and that you can upgrade from the version you're currently running.

Part of the ZD configuration is the mesh ESSID and passphrase, which will be the same after your upgrade, allowing those
Mesh nodes to eventually all get upgraded.

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5 years ago

Just thought i would add a note to say the upgrade went fine and that the mesh re-formed and upgraded just as expected.