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Thu, Mar 8, 2018 1:33 PM

Updating Firmware SZ100 - Applying Wispr Script Necessary?

Not a 100% clear on what the SCG-52951_3_4_0_0_967-v1_0.ksp script is for. I only have 1 SZ100 and 20 APs, 1 internet line. Is the Wispr patch for systems with multiple SZ-AP clusters, or does it still need to be applied to the single cluster I have? I've just updated to the firmware.




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3 years ago

Hi Patrick, firmware has already SCG-52951_3_4_0_0_967-v1_0.ksp fix included. There is no need to apply the script again on SZ100 node.

To answer your question, Patch/Scripts need to be updated on all the nodes in a Multi node cluster.

Ravi Teja