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Fri, Oct 7, 2016 6:54 PM

Unleashed R310 move to remote locations

Can I setup one R310 unleashed with the settings I want then allow 7 others to obtain the settings and then move them to remote locations without connectivity back to the Master? Will they function ok? Could I then further configure them to not try to find that master and be their own master? 


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4 years ago

Hi Lin,
It depends..., but please describe your intended deployment further for the best answer.

If you have 8 Unleashed APs in a network now, they all have WLAN details and the same
version of firmware.  And they all have IPs in the same VLAN/subnet with the same default
gateway address too.  You could also configure a specific Mgt IP address, that they would
all know to use for Master AP identification too.

If you separate this network into smaller pieces, you will need a router default gateway and
use the same IP address/netmask... it could be tricky.

Unleashed is designed to be simple to setup, but you need to be on the defaulted AP's
Configure.Me-XXYYZZ wireless SSID to configure the first AP, which sets up the network
and becomes your initial Master AP.

But perhaps if you know your remote network IP subnet/mask and def-gw, you might be
able to configure your Unleashed AP with a static IP address (outside any DHCP scope
used there), that you could connect to and configure before sending to the remote site?

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4 years ago

Thanks. I will try the static IPs outside the DHCP scope.