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Thu, Oct 6, 2016 4:27 PM

Syslog message from APs kernel: ieee80211_vlan_clr_filter 146 wlan35 del vlan 2

I've got a ZD3000 with remote syslog enabled.  Recently, probably after updating firmware to 9.12 or 9.13, I have been receiving these messages:

 kernel: ieee80211_vlan_clr_filter 146 wlan35 del vlan 2

They seem to come from every access point, every minute or so.  We have R700 AP's. The number after the "wlan" changes, but the rest of the message stays the same.  I do have a VLAN 2 set up.  It is used for our public wifi, traffic.  The public wifi WLAN has no password, but does have the "show terms of use" option set in the guest access settings.

The messages come in at the "emergency" level, so they log to the console on the syslog server, which is very annoying and is what brought this to my attention.  I can turn off the alerts to the console, but would really like to know what this message is trying to tell me, as it must be really important.

I've searched the "Syslog Events Reference Guide" but don't see anything like this.  

What is the explanation of this message? 


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