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Tue, Oct 14, 2014 11:50 PM

Speedflex for Android - Product Documentation

Can anyone advise if there is any product documentation for Speedflex for Android? Previously I have used ZapD via CLI on a PC and have recently started using SpeedFlex on Android however I would like some information on interpreting the results.

On ZapD we would have 100 columns showing the throughput at each percentile. On Speedflex for Android, when viewing the results in Excel there appears to be a summary line at the top of the test followed by approximately 100 lines of test data. Within the test data there are seven columns (J through P) showing speeds. What do each of the columns refer to?

I have other questions too so if there is some product documentation available this would be useful.




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6 years ago

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us with your query.

Please find a legend here:

rx - cumulative received packets (Column B)
dr - dropped packets (Column C)
oo - out of order packets (Column D)
rp - retried packets (Column E)
rx in - received packets in this batch (sample) (Column F & G)
b_time - batch (sample) time (Column H)
b_thrput - batch throughput (for given batch or sample) (Column I)
avg - cumulative aggregate throughput (Column J)
0% - max throughput observed (peak throughput) (Column K)
50% - median throughput (Column L)
90% - throughput at 90 percentile (Column M)
95% - throughput at 95 percentile (Column N)
99% - throughput at 99 percentile (Column O)
99.9% - throughput at 99.9 percentile (Column P)

Hope that answers your question.