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Thu, Feb 9, 2017 7:28 PM

SmartZone 100: SMTP server settings

We have our SMTP server settings going through a local SMTP server but we want to shut it down.  I changed our Ruckus controller SMTP settings to what works for a different program but all I get are "cannot connect to mail server" errors.

Logon Name: my[email protected]
Password: mypassword
SMTP Server Host:
SMTP Server Port: 587
Mail From: [email protected]
From Display Name: Ruckus Support
Mail To: [email protected]

TLS checked
STARTTLS checked

I've also tried and/or port 25 and/or TLS unchecked with no luck.  Any suggestions?


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4 years ago

You'll need to collect logs from the SZ side, and open a ticket with tech support please.