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Fri, Oct 16, 2015 2:54 PM

SmartCell Insight, is anyone using it?

We are a public school district with about 800,000 square feet of indoor space currently covered with 201 APs (Not Ruckus). We will be doing an overhaul of our wireless network and have looked at the Ruckus product as well as Aruba. Aruba has Airwave and the equivalent product on the Ruckus side is SmartCell Insight. It seems that Ruckus is positioning SmartCell Insight to be used by carriers, not much mention of enterprise deployments like ours.

If you using the product, any feedback would be appreciated. Visibility, troubleshooting, alarming, etc. are all items I am hoping this product can help us with if we go with Ruckus. I have no troubleshooting tools at all with my current wireless product


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5 years ago


Have you looked at Flexmaster NMS from Ruckus?

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5 years ago

I have not. I will talk to my local salesperson and SE and have them go through the similarities/differences between Flexmaster and SmartCell Insight. We have narrowed our wifi choices down to either Ruckus or Aruba so I want to make sure I understand both offerings throughly