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Mon, Jun 17, 2019 10:04 AM

Not planned


Sharing : scripts for Ruckus Ap.


I have shared shell-scripts for multiple Ruckus APs.

If you need a repeatly work, you can use those.

And If you need upgrading f/w of multiple at once, you have to install ftp and upload f/w and rcks into ftp server based centOS.

You can downloading via below google drive.

See HowTo.txt to use.

If you have better script, share me those. My email is [email protected]



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2 years ago

Hi Jeronimo,

   Please disregard my previous sensitive security post.  After reviewing your scripts, we can tell these are LINUX shell scripts that automate AP CLI commands, and so thanks for sharing that which can be shared!

- Michael

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2 years ago

Yes , this is automate cli script for aps via linux shelll.

It's not unsafe script. It's just batch script.

Thanks for understanding well.

If someone needs more commands, freely can modify it.


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2 years ago

I have updated new script for mac2ip.

When you know only mac-address of AP(and so on), scrips shows you IP using arp-table on your L3-switch.

Becase this script use snmp, you have to install net-snmp-utils.

Don't worry about it, script make your centOS install automatically RPM.