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Sat, Feb 20, 2016 9:38 PM


ruckus vf2825 upgrade to 5.3


On the official page I saw new version for vf2825 - the version is 5.3. I follow the manual for upgrade, but the upgrade failed. Description of error: control file download problem. I also want to know the login info, because I accidentaly erase the data. Can you please give me the detail info about the upgrade.

thank you.


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5 years ago

The product is EoL since 2012... There are no more firmware upgrades, however 2825 should work perfectly well on all versions. 

I never knew any bugs on 2825.  This server will be taken down before long, but you can retrieve 2825 from this link.

The 'M' means it can be managed by FlexMaster.  Good luck and best regards.