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Tue, Jul 28, 2020 5:50 PM


How does an existing SmartZone integrate with Ruckus Analytics?




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4 months ago

Hi Chava,

Please find the details below.

1- SmartZone should have a valid support contract and should be running on 5.1.2 or above version.
2- You can contact your Ruckus partner or our sales team for trial RA account with limited number of RA (Ruckus Analytics) AP licenses.
3- Once you get your Ruckus Cloud account, you can enable the Cloud services on SZ and then enable Ruckus Analytics from SZ GUI.
4- Once this this done, SZ will onboard to RA and next step is to map RA AP licenses with SZ APs.
5- Wait for an hour and you will see the analytical data on RA.

Useful links:

Quick start guide

Ruckus analytics Licensing

User Guide


Syamantak Omer


Syamantak Omer