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Sun, Apr 16, 2017 3:18 AM

Provisioning additional unleashed APs without ethernet connection

Is it possible to provision additional unleashed T300 APs in an unleashed network if they do not have an ethernet connection to the network with the master AP? If so, what is required?


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4 years ago

Hi Russell

as far as i know, in controller based network with mesh you have the option of provisioning APs by entering mesh SSID and key..

however i am not sure if it possible to do in unleashed as i have not tried.

assuming it can;t be done, option is to hook the new unleashed AP in the same LAN as others and let it get provisioned..

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4 years ago

Hi Russel,

Mesh is supported in Unleash. Have your existing Unleash setup upgrade to 200.3 version and add new T300 AP to download the unleash configuration via Ethernet. Then remove this AP from Ethernet and it will automatically join the Unleash network via mesh link.